What I want to be.


Hey Everyone, I wanted to do a post on something that is keeping me up at night. I have been at Sierra College for almost 7 years now and I am almost finished with my A.A degree. I have taken so long because I had to work full-time and make school my second priority. That being said now that I am starting to look for schools so that I can begin my Bachelor’s degree I am finding myself drawn to other professions…

For the last 5 years the goal has been to work with books. Whether I work at a publishing house or as of right now I want to be a Librarian. Yes, that is still a thing 🙂 I want to and love to inspire people to read. I also love to help with research projects. The Masters Program is something I have wanted to pursue for a while now but part of me thinks that I would also excel at Teaching… My best friend Jamie has wanted to teach most of her life. It started with 3rd grade and now she is thinking of being an art teacher, which she would be amazing at. The girl bleeds art! Now for me I have no idea what age group I would want to teach. I have a hard time with “typically developing” children, if I’m being honest. Because I have spent my entire life helping kids with special needs i find “typically developing” kids not enough of a challenge. However if you think back on your life as a student you will always have teachers that made a HUGE impact on your life. For me that was Mr. Carr my first grade teacher, Mrs. Stradinger my second grade teacher, Mr. Vanderlune my third grade teacher, Mrs. Brokaw my fourth and fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Sale my seventh grade math and science teacher, Mr. Huff my seventh grade english teacher, Mr. Smith my seventh grade history teacher, Mr. Horowitz my sophomore-senior year math teacher, Mr. Klein my freshman year English teacher, and Mrs. McDaniel my sophomore-senior year Journalism and creative writing teacher. (there are in chronological order). As you can see I have had some really special teachers in my life and part of thinks I could be that.

I also would love to be a professional blogger! I love to blog. I have had 6 blogs total. obviously the last 4 were unsuccessful. That was in part my fault because I wasnt adding enough of myself to them and they were all pretty formal. I had 3 book blogs which nobody even looked at and a movie blog (more on the movie one shortly). I have found that I love to write and talk about what I love and that has been books for the last 12 years and movies for my whole life. When I decided to create this 365 photo challenge blog I had no Idea it would become somewhat of a journaling experience for me as well. The feed back so far has been OUTSTANDING!! Thank you to all of my followers. So maybe one day thins can become more of a profession for me…

Movies are very important to me. If you read my post “Growing up on the Spectrum” I talk about how movies were a consistent aspect of my life as well as my sisters. I am however extremely critical of movies! I am a snob, FLAT OUT! I can’t stand the “hyped” movies. I love movies that at one time had a place but are now long and forgotten. I love Directors who have their own style Tim Burton, and Martin Scorsese are my favorites. Kyle seems to think I love all movies and that is not true at all, in fact some of the most loved movies I just do not have time for. I’m starting to get a little sassy even writing this section… I had a movie blog which was also unsuccessful so I don’t know, maybe one day i will be the next Siskel or Ebert 🙂

My dad has told me my whole life, “you wont know what you want to be when you grow up because I’m 45 and I still don’t know” This quote has stuck with me for the better part of my adult life and I am still searching for my place in the professional world. I will get back to you when I know what I want 🙂

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6 thoughts on “What I want to be.

  1. Aww I love this so much dude!! You will do an amazing job whatever you end up doing, whether it’s a movie critic, professional blogger, or a librarian 🙂 Your ideas inspire me so much, and I love you to death!!!


  2. Kelsey, I enjoyed reading your post! If I may do so, I’d like to share advice you can either take or leave. First, like the previous poster, you’re a great writer and will succeed at anything you do. Second, if you want to become a librarian, start by volunteering or apply to work in one right away. This way, you have all of the experience you need to get hired once you graduate. One mistake I’ve made as a recent MMLIS graduate, is that I somehow thought finding a job would be as simple as showing up with a degree in hand. This is not so at all, for me anyways. My program was all online. And since I’m a social person, I felt this hindered my social (in-person) nature and networking abilities and now I’m working to “reconnect” back into society, the physical one.

    That said, volunteering and even working in libraries before you even get to library school will benefit you more than the degree. This is because the qualifications and skills, as well as the people you will meet along the way will be your alliance when the time comes to look for a job.

    Just fyi, there are different tiers for advancement, just like not everyone who works at a hospital is a doctor, not everyone who works at a library are librarians; there’s pages, IT support, reference, directors, liaisons, etc. At the same time, the last four positions could also have the title of librarian too, though. There’s also IT librarians, metadata librarians, instructional librarians, and about a half dozen more library positions. So find which area you would like to gain experience in and go with that.

    Here are the courses you will need to take in library school: library leadership, library management, collection development, communication, library research methods, information management, retrieval of information, library technologies, strategic/competitive analysis and instructional strategies. Start researching what each course entails-the learning objectives. Study and and learn them, so to speak.

    Other tips, include reading or subscribing to professional library journals, as well as IT and business journals (many articles online). Join the American Library Association (ALA)-student memberships are at a discount. Start looking at job descriptions, too. Not only so you can start honing in on those skills, but so you can write an outstanding resume.

    When choosing a library school, I cannot stress, do not go to an expensive school. Most employers don’t care where you went; as long as the school is accredited by the American Librarian Association. Also when deciding on a school, consider whether you’re an outgoing person who feels they would learn better in person. This is also important for your learning style. I’d go for all on campus; or if your up for it a hybrid, so you can experience the virtual learning environment. The hybrid is good so when you become a librarian, you’ll know the kind of support students with any learning disabilities or those who get extremely distracted need and are better able to offer them the most support. IT skills are extremely important to work in libraries.

    I really wish someone had told me this before I started library school, like during undergrad, which is the best time to start implementing these suggestions. Perhaps on winter or summer breaks; integrating them into your schedule. In fact, their hard to find, but if you can find a bachelor program in library science, that would be great!

    I hope this helps in your journey to becoming an information professional! It took me 10 years to earn my master’s so you are not alone in taking your time and hoping at your own pace, rather than the pace of the world. If you don’t take the above advice, take this. Always go at your own pace, not at the pace of the world. You can keep your sanity this way.



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