Instagram Challenge Day 8


In my Instagram photo challenge that I mentioned yesterday today is one of my favorite days. The theme is #prettylittleliars / #favoritegirlcharacter. I typically am anti leading lady. I don’t relate to any of them. I find them weak and whiny. It’s not the case for every character but I was raised to be completely independent and strong. I have to say that in the case of Hanna Marin i have a soft spot. I adore her in the book editions of Pretty Little Liars as well as the T.V show. She is the comedic relief of such a dark and confusing series. she also has a heart of gold buried under her designer clothes and she, like me will do anything for her friends. She also dealt with a weight issue. Her missing BFF Alison DiLaurentis called her “Hefty Hanna” for the longest time. It wasnt until after Alison was gone that Hanna became the queen bee For my entire life I have dealt with teasing and scrutinizing about my weight. Part of this has led me to my fitness journey that I have talked about before. Hanna is witty, smart and the coolest leading lady ever! She is one character that I can honestly say that just gets me 🙂


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