Instagram Book Photo Challenge Day 3


Hey again friends and followers. Myself and my best friend are hosting an Instagram photo challenge for our “bookstagram” (yes thats a thing and yes I love it!). We decided to theme it with things we love. Day 3 was #beetlejuice/ #favoritehorrorread. I am in love with all things Tim Burton and Beetlejuice is my all time favorite movie. I was really proud of this simple picture because it shows so much Burton Pride. The book I chose to showcase here is a re-imagining of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher and it is so creepy. The first chapter literally gave me anxiety (in the best possible way)

I am probably Burton’s biggest fan. I own 16 of his movies and working on collecting them all. I have the books Burton on Burton, Gothic Fantasy, The Nightmare Before Christmas the vision, the music, the art, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and other stories, Tim Burton, and The Masters of Cinema, Tim Burton. I have journals filled with his quotes and one of them was made by my best friend and its stunning. One of my tattoo’s was chosen because the picture looked burtonesque and I have a little heart tattoo that is reminiscent of him as well. His creative mind is amazing to me. I love watching his movies because even though i can quote them like crazy they are visually stunning and fun. I remember renting Beetlejuice as a kid and I wanted to be Lydia. Thankfully my mama was super chill about the movies I watched because I grew up with kids who could only watch Disney. I was 5 when The Nightmare Before Christmas came out. I remember my mama picking me up from school and saying “i got you that Halloween Christmas weird movie.”

I absolutely love this picture and all that it entails


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